Saga of hrunting and thebruce
An Icelandic Winter Road Trip

Hrunting in front of Snæfellsjökull
And thebruce was given an old, but reliable companion with which he would set out on his journey. And he named it Hrunting:

"The iron blade with its ill-boding patterns had been tempered in blood. It had never failed the hand of anyone who hefted it in battle, anyone who had fought and faced the worst in the gap of danger. This was not the first time it had been called to perform heroic feats."

Best laid plans

Before their journey begins, thebruce plans for the best and the worst; but it's easier said than done.
Itinerary, budget, language, driving, baggage, contingencies

Continents and Caves

Thebruce and Hrunting disembark for their first adventures, dark and early in the morning.
Miðlína, Dollan, Blue Lagoon, irate taxi driver

Reykjavikian ambiance

Visiting a few choice Icelandic sites amongst the hustle and bustle of urban culture.
Sólfar, EVE Online, Draumer Hafsins, Hamborgarafabrikkan

Waterfalls and sunsets

In a rush to beat the sun, the duo arrive at the gorgeous cliffs with minutes to spare.
Seljalandsfoss, Gljúfurárfoss, Foss á Siðu

Human wrecks and legacies

Darkness arrives, but remnants of human achievement see visitors day and night.
Sólheimasandur, Jökulhlaup at Skeiðarársandur, Northern Lights

Kristinartindar: The Journey is the Reward

As if destiny awaited, the skies beckoned thebruce as he set out on his biggest trek yet: to climb a mountain.
Skaftafell, Kristínartindar

The finding of firsts, and birthday peace

With their plans thwarted, the two retrace their route, and head for a well deserved private relaxation.
Hjálparfoss, Landbrotalaug hot pot

The endurance of history in Snæfellsnes

Following many centuries of worn travels, Hrunting carries thebruce along, past stories the land wants to tell.
Hellnakirkja, Laugarbrekka, Víddaflakk, ruins

The edge of the Earth

An unexpected majestic formation hints at what's to come for the duo as they pass a Viking relic towards the end of the world.
Lóndrangar, Skarðsvík Beach, Viking grave, Saxhólsbjarg

An unexpected discovery

After laying alone for many years, a single cache awaits human touch in the jutting black rocks of Skarðsvík Beach.
Lonely old geocache

Community, love, betrayal, and sharks

Hrunting takes thebruce to a number of historic and cultural sites, learning that people never change, across cultures and centuries.
Sandaraun, Kirkjufell, Berserkjahraun, Bjarnarhöfn shark museum, hákarl, Akranes lighthouse

The adventure comes full circle

Rounding out their adventures, the duo travel the Golden Circle in darkness, before Hrunting must once again be placed in waiting for its next adventuring companion.
Þingvellir, Between continents, Gulfoss, Kerið crater, The Viking
Missed Opportunities Geocaching

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