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A bit about the hobby

I took up Geocaching in May of 2009, and haven't looked back. It's an amazing pastime, providing entertainment, education, exercise, and great opportunities to meet new people. I've cached exclusively with an iPhone, starting with the 3GS, to the 4S, 5S, 6S Plus, and currently with the 8S Plus.

You can take a look at the hobby by visiting I've created this page as a kind of introduction, and jumping point with a number of links, listed below. In time, this page will expand with more and more...

I have placed a number of caches myself, from simple park & grabs to higher terrain challenges and difficult puzzles. One fun puzzle cache I created recently for a friend turns your phone into a polaroid camera!

I also have a few trackable items, and had let loose a few in the wild with the hope that they'd accomplish their goals and return.

Quick links

Notable Adventures

[November 28, 2016]
The Saga of hrunting and thebruce - An Icelandic Winter Road Trip!

Photos, videos, and full writeup!

[July 22, 2009]
From my 5/5 cache called "Tomb Raider":

For more videos of Geocaching Adventures,
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Cache The Line!

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